Who we are

We’re the Australian Resilience Corps, a national volunteer network determined to reduce the devastation caused by fire and flood across our great land.

Working with and through our existing volunteer partners, our aim is to create a culture focused on building resilience. By bringing together corporates, volunteer partners and community members, we will be able to reduce the impact of fire and flood disasters right across Australia.

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What we do

We are pooling help from across the country, to build Australia’s largest network of resilience volunteers. This volunteer resource will help us to better prepare for the devastating effects of fire and flood. We will build a culture that continuously improves our resilience; this year, next year and every year. We will make it easier to find out where you can make a difference, by directing your help and skills to our volunteer partners, when they need it most.

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What's involved

By joining The Corps you will join a growing number of Australians who want to assist communities to prepare for extreme weather events like fire and flood.

Australian Resilience Corps volunteers

Step 1

Join the the Australian Resilience Corps.

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Step 2

Get ready to be a resilience volunteer by completing the training.

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Australian Resilience Corps volunteers helping clear branches at a residents property.

Step 3

Get involved in upcoming Musters or local community activities to build resilience to fires and floods.

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The many faces of help

Meet some of our awesome volunteers.

Anastasia Bougesis

Disaster Relief Australia

I have been volunteering with Disaster Relief Australia for 5 years now, during that time I have had the pleasure of helping in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA. In each instance, I have been able to support communities in need; the work gives me a sense of purpose and also makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Davina Pye

Disaster Relief Australia

I find volunteering extremely rewarding. Whether I am out on the tools, working on logistics, drone mapping or any other activity, it all provides help to those in need. I am very happy to lend my skills to anything that will lighten the load for local communities, and also help to build more resilient communities.

Peter Durrant

Rotary Western Australia

I believe that strong community relationships are key to the ongoing resilience of all Australian communities. Volunteering with Rotary has allowed me to help in the development of important projects that build the health, safety and wellbeing of communities both near and far.

Monique Lehane


I love surfing the East coast, when I head off on a trip, I try and add a day or two to stop in at a BlazeAid camp along the way. I surprise myself with how much I want to keep going back, the connection to communities, other volunteers and the impact we have, has been amazing.

Rick Sneeuwjagt

Rotary Western Australia 

I volunteer with Rotary to help communities improve bushfire preparedness and overall resilience. I help local agencies and community groups to identify the risks within their community and then develop actions to increase the safety for all.

Emily Copley-Moorby


In my time volunteering with BlazeAid I have realised that it doesn’t matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from, anyone can help in any way. If we put our best foot forward and are willing to just give something a go, we can build hope and resilience within communities, and that makes a massive difference.