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Who we are

We're the Australian Resilience Corps (The Corps), a national volunteer network established to lift the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in Australia.

The Corps seeks to connect new and existing volunteers to where help is needed most, working with and through existing community-led organisations and NGOs on the ground to help communities and local governments prepare for natural hazards, like fires and floods, before they occur.

Australian Resilience Corps Logo

What we do

We 'mobilise' and 'match' volunteers with the most vulnerable communities in Australia to deliver resilience building and disaster preparedness activities. These activities seek to reduce the impacts of natural hazards on communities and the infrastructure upon which they depend. We do this by building a collaborative ecosystem, so that volunteers, corporate Australia, tertiary institutions, NGOs, government, peak bodies, and other interested organisations can coordinate activities in these vulnerable communities.

Our strategy document provides more detail, to find out more download our strategy document.

Help vulnerable communities

Work together to build a stronger, resilient community that prepares for natural disasters, rather than reacting to them.

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