Playford Muster – Day 3

Hosted by Trees for Life
Save this Muster

Posted on 11th April 2023

Muster Details

  • Playford SA
  • Fri, Jul 28, 2023
    09:00 - 15:30


The Muster is a one-day tree & shrub planting exercise, to build resilience that will protect the biodiversity of the local area.


About the Muster:

Communities need your help to build disaster resilience and maintain biodiversity.

Join our muster event to support residents by helping maintaining biodiversity in their communities.

Come and join to help build a healthier environment and community spirit.


What to Expect:

As a volunteer, working with supervisors you’ll be helping this community build resilience by planting trees and shrubs.

We look forward to seeing you – there’s lots to be done!

The Capacity of this muster is 30pax.

Places are limited, register now.


What you need:

On the day, you will need to wear:

  • Closed in footwear
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt

In case the weather changes, please bring:

  • Sweater
  • Rain jacket
  • Broad-brimmed hat
  • Sun protection

Bring your own lunch, snacks, and water for the day together with lots of enthusiasm!

Upon registration, you will receive links to mandatory safety training which needs to be completed prior to attendance on the day.


Frequently asked questions + answers:

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Yes. Minimum Age:18+

Q. Will the muster get cancelled in bad weather?

A. No. Always pack suitable wet weather gear as the muster won’t be cancelled unless there is a severe weather warning or unforeseen circumstances. In the event that the muster gets cancelled you will be notified by email.

Q. What risk is the muster tackling?

A. Maintaining Biodiversity

Q. Why do you want me to sign up – can’t I just get out there and do it?

A. No. Safety is important to us. Registering means you’re covered by public liability and volunteer insurance – and can be counted as a participant. We want to be able to celebrate how many of the Corps are working towards building resilience and preparedness in communities, each year.

Q. Do I need part of a big corporate group in order to get involved?

A. Not at all! You can sign up as an individual or with a team/friends.

Q. Is there a cost involved?

A. No. Volunteering at Corps’ musters are free.